There comes a moment in your life that makes you contemplate more about the future. Mine came right with the date of my 21st birthday. I’ve always been thinking about creating some space where I could connect a few of my biggest passions and share them with other people so here I am now guys! It’s been a really long long time since the whole idea came up in my mind but as I know myself too well, I knew I would probably need to mull over all for and against arguments a hundred thousand times before I even start doing something.

So… Apparently three years of thinking was enough and it actually seemed to be super productive time of my life. I was a teenage girl who moved from small town back to Warsaw and started getting to know how this whole fashion business works. My ‘fashion adventure’ began with an internship at one of online fashion magazines. I’ve always been thinking that people who work in fashion are rude and disdainful, that they’re always on the run, sipping their soy lattes in a hurry and don’t even take a notice at you (yes, I probably watched too many American movies). So I don’t have to admit how surprised I was with all of the kindness and help I got from the team I had a pleasure to work with. Just after I started being an intern (and also being sooo proud of myself) I realized I love writing – about fashion, art, lifestyle and stuff. As a child I used to write a lot but never thought it would be a lot of fun when I become an adult. Apparently it still is. I couldn’t help but wonder how would it be to develop my passion into a job. Then everything went so quickly. I started my work in fashion for real (self-congratulation level was higher then ever, believe me). This whole social media and pr world became my bread and butter and I’ve been learning so many new things one day after another. Of course I have plenty of it ahead of me cause yes, I still feel young. But the experience I got till now is priceless and I wouldn’t like to be in anyone else’s shoes.

When it comes to an outfit, we shot these images a while ago when there was more sun than it’s now. Apart from the fact that fall is my favorite season of the year I always want to keep a little bit of summer in my heart so I need to share this look although it’s freakin’ cold and pouring rain outside… I decided to mix up leather Zara top with this gorgeous pleated skirt. The only struggle I always have when it comes to wear midi length clothes are shoes. Trust me guys, it was really hard to find this one and only pair which could help me to avoid looking like a dwarf.  But finally I picked these black heels which are the most useful and universal piece I currently got in my wardrobe. I’ve never been a person who blindly follows the trends. I’d rather to combine some elements with my own style to make the whole outfit unique, elegant and complete. So this simple chocker and printed clutch were a pretty nice final touch of this look. Hope you enjoy it! The next look is going to be more appropriate to current weather (I just couldn’t resist to post this one). Keep warm!









Ph. Marta Lewandowska


TOP – Zara

SKIRT – Mango

SHOES – Zara

JEWELRY – Mokobelle & W. Kruk

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