Hello out there folks! Welcome in December! It’s been a little while since I was here last time but these last couple of days have been totally crazy for me. I mean TOTALLY. I barely had time for my very own self, all I’ve been doing was running from one meeting to another, preparing all of my work stuff, thinking about new projects (coming soon!) and much much more. But first things first. I finally found a moment to write this short article for you guys cause the atmosphere all around is so magical today. Can you imagine more amazing moment than sitting in cosy interior (which is definitely the most climatic and n’1 place to visit while you’re in Warsaw), sipping morning coffee and watching it’s snowing outside?

When it comes to the title of today’s post I’m pretty sure that ‚CLASSY’ would be the only word defining me in the most accurate way possible. It’s really funny when sometimes my friends are telling me that something matches my style perfectly and it’s 100 percent me. In fact when it comes to the personal style, being fully committed to one of it is quite hard nowadays. We live in times when we keep almost everything at hand, trends are changing very very quickly so finding a proverbial golden mean between them and our own taste is not always easy to achieve. I can’t remember when exactly I started to be interested in fashion for real but my personal style used to evolve and change many many times. The most intensive fashion boom I had in high school – I used to experiment as much as possible and most of these trials were such a defeat obviously. I won’t remind myself all of them but you have to admit that being a total fan of powder pink, floral dresses and outstretched jumpers or Vans shoes in one school year is such an interesting contrast. After a few years I have to say it was totally fine cause fashion is all about keeping our minds and eyes open.

Today I’m sharing with you these shots we’ve done a while ago. Although it was the very beginning of November there was such an awful weather that day – gloomy, windy and freakin’ cold. In fact these first days in December are even more acceptable. I wanted this outfit to be all about elegance, simplicity and basic shades. I decided to go for some looser shapes and matched my favorite culottes and Chloe-styled trench coat with a turtle neck (again). Did I tell ya how much I adore them this fall? Probably plenty of times.

,Plenty’ is also the right word to define last two months of this year. I’m literally drowning in a welter of obligations which is quite exhausting sometimes. No complaining here, of course cause luckily for me I got used to be a workaholic and hate getting bored since I was a child but I wouldn’t mind extending my day to 48 hours sometimes. So much to do, so little time. Last days of this year I spend on working and creating something up here, on and what’s the most important – planning some really exciting adventures in Spring and Summer 2017. I know it’s still 2016 but I feel like I need to have it all planned up earlier (still hoping I would become as organized person as I used to be a while ago. Me and my Moleskine planner are workin’ on it).

Luckily for us, Christmas is just around the corner and people try to slow it down a little so do we. But not for long cause shopping fever and haunting for presents for our beloved ones is getting closer and closer… Anyway I’m super excited about Holidays and all new things coming next year and just can’t wait for it all to happen. See you soon here loves. Xx.







Ph. Marta Lewandowska






SHOES – Zara

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