Christmas sweet Christmas! It’s time of the most magical time of the year when we finally can disconnect from work, catch up with our families and slow down just a little bit. We live in times when we’re in a hurry non stop. Work, career, friends… It seems like all of these things just won’t wait and we need to have them right here, right now. So when Christmas is coming there is always something special that makes people remind themselves what’s the most important in their lives and spend some precious moments with their beloved ones.

Heaven I’m in (Christmas) heaven! And I just can’t listen to any other songs than Christmas ones obviously. My friends look at me like I was totally crazy and lost my mind somewhere between glass balls and fairy lights. So now you guys can imagine this little kid inside of me who is getting beyond excited every single year in December. Believe me or not Christmas was always my favorite holiday ever. I tried to figure out what is so special about it and it just seems to be the whole package containing Christmas tree, songs, snow and people sending wishes from one side of the world to another…  All of the window shops are decorated with some Christmas items what makes the city look amazing and even tacky shopping malls’ decorations are cute in their own way. I mean could it be anything more magnificent than a time which we’ve been waiting for all year to happen since we were kids?

This year I can feel Christmas is coming more than ever. Maybe cause I started getting ready for it at the very beginning of December (don’t try to understand it, just… don’t) or maybe because it’s the first year when I live in my own apartment and miss my loved ones a bit. Anyway Holidays are sort of bringing me back to the childhood when my whole family used to catch up by a huge table and wait with me for presents. As a little girl I used to have a lot of fun with unpacking it but as I’ve been getting older I realized that giving is much more important than receiving.

And speaking of presents it’s always the same old story. Christmas time arrives and we automatically start to panic. So this year I decided to avoid all the crowds and quit the wild pursuit of gifts in shopping malls. Instead of it I made some star-shaped gingerbreads and proved myself again that I’m all thumbs when it comes to cook anything (and yes, I mean ANYTHING). But anyway, the savor at home was more than amazing and all of these little, personalized packages look really distinguished wrapped up in some transparent overlay with a final touch of silky, golden and burgundy bows.

But Christmas is not all about gifts. It’s also such a perfect opportunity for some laziness and (over)eating good food. It’s the one and only time of the year when I can roll up in bed aaaaall day long, watch movies on Netflix and eat christmas cookies with impunity. Is there anything more wonderful (and non-productive by the way)? Anyway I’m prepared for coming back home ten pounds heavier with tones of food in my stomach and already got my post-Christmas-workout and detox schedule done.

I am currently writing this article from our suite, a few hours before rushing out home to see my family. The last couple of days we’ve spent in our apartment in Sound Garden Hotel where we’ve also done these few shots. We decided to give ourselves a pre-Christmas break, leave our apartments and move to the hotel for a moment before we go visit our beloved ones at home. We just needed some time for girl talks more than ever so the opportunity of spending it together just right before Christmas was even more than tempting. Thanks to the Sound Garden Hotel Team we enjoyed our stay and had a moment of reset before the very beginning of Christmas fever.

So now it’s time to wish all of you a lot of happiness, joy and relax. Let this Holidays be as perfect as you want it to be. Spend some priceless moments with your families, friends and loved ones and let yourselves feel this special atmosphere that happens only once a year. Have yourself a Merry Christmas guys and let the magic begin!














Ph. Marta Lewandowska



DRESS – Maciej Zień

SHOES – Zara

JEWELRY – Mokobelle

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