Happy 2017 guys! It’s been over half of a month since I was here last time but January has started so have new obligations. New year but the same old story – so much to do so little time… Anyway with the very beginning of 2017 I started working on some special project and literally can’t wait for you to see it. Just be patient.

So this is how my average day looks like lately – meeting after meeting, work, office (I mean bed which is the nicest place I’ve ever had pleasure to work in, absolutely worth recommending) and studies, of course. And when it comes to the last part, as you guys may know I study fashion and apparel design and probably told you plenty of times how much creativity such degree course requires. Before I started studying I was 100 percent sure that creating new things no matter if it’s fashion or anything else would be a piece of cake for me. I’ve always been a type of artistic soul who tried to stay open-minded and feel inspired by the whole world around. Art, architecture, movies, music or first and foremost maybe I should say traveling… Seems like all of these things can stimulate our brains and push ourselves to discover that beauty is hidden absolutely everywhere and all we need to do to feel inspired is just seeing it. But when I need to have a brand new ideas in my head almost every single day it seems like I should look a bit deeper and stay focused on things I’ve never take a notice on earlier.

I’m currently writing this short article from my apartment where I’ve spent last couple of days on hard work and which is a one huge mess right now by the way. End-of-term examinations are getting closer and closer and my determination has never been higher. I feel like I lost myself somewhere between sketches and fabric samples which are thrown all over my apartment. I mean, they’re EVERYWHERE! But let’s move forward to these few shots we’ve done a couple days ago.

As for my own personal looks, being in a hurry always means some safe and comfy outfits without experimenting. If I don’t have much time for playing with fashion in winter, especially when I don’t wanna run late, I usually pick from my wardrobe something that keeps me warm and looks just good. Casual mom jeans and oversized woolen jumper? A big YES! On the shoulders I threw a long coat that I’m obsessed with lately and I couldn’t say no to high heel leather boots either. I wouldn’t be myself obviously if I didn’t add some classy accessorizing so this time I picked up some Céline sunnies I’ve bought lately (do I need to mention how much I love sales season?). Anyway, I need to get back to reality so I’ll see you soon here! Hope you like the outfit. Xx, G.


IMGP5785 kopia






ph. Marta Lewandowska
ph. Marta Lewandowska






JEANS – Zara

SHOES – Zara

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