Hello again loves, hope you’re enjoying the weekend! Little update after I haven’t been writing here for a little while. But you guys should know how exhausting and time-consuming can examination session be. Anyway, I’m back with the new energy that I owe to some well-slept nights (yes, I’ve been waking up even at noon sometimes). But let’s not waste time for small talk cause there is so many things I have to tell you about!

When it comes to last couple of weeks, CHANGES would definitely be the only word that could describe my life. Again. First of all I’m re-organizing my bedroom and workspace so after creative hurricane that came through my apartment last month, there came another one called renovation. I’ll show you all end results very soon, till then I try to keep you updated on my Instagram story which became my daily routine lately. But my apartment is not the only thing that’s changing cause the new season in fashion is just around the corner so are new trends.

And if there is one thing that can’t be said about them, it’s that they’re boring. Every single season something new comes up and stays with us for a couple of months or even longer. I don’t know how would it be this time, but I already got some favorites and just can’t wait for mixing pink and red shades this spring. You guys may be a bit surprised by this whole enthusiasm cause I don’t wear colorful pieces very often. In fact my wardrobe looks like a capsule collection where basic clothes are interchanged with high fashion ones and every piece coloristically matches others. Trends don’t take the lead but they should make people express themselves so let’s have fun this season cause fashion is all about playing, isn’t it?

And speaking of changes. A while ago I started thinking how certain people, situations or the time passing by can change destinations we’re taking or even our point of view. Some of choices we make are obvious, some are often hard to explain. But as I’ve been getting older I’ve learned that every change is good and brings liveliness to our existence. Sometimes we don’t see it at once but it doesn’t mean we make wrong decisions. The truth is, people are really afraid of changes. It’s like something keeps us in a safe place and seems not to allow us to try something new and unknown. But the fact is that everything is rising and growing up in our minds. Changes can divest us of stability but sometimes it’s good to take a deep breath and throw ourselves in a deep end. Not only in fashion but in life generally.

Okay I chattered away again and there are some pics to share with you. You guys need to know that there is nothing I love more than keeping cozy and classy at the same time. I need to confess that this season I got a little crazy while online sale in Zara but thanks to it, I found this perfect 80’s styled blazer/coat from their Studio collection. Navy blue has always been my little obsession so I couldn’t say no to striped total look. And it’s getting a bit boring here cause I’m wearing a turtle neck again but I thought it would make the whole look more Céline-inspired. So here are some shots we’ve done a while ago when it was sunny but totally freezing here in Warsaw. Hope you all enjoy it. I’ll see you soon!












ph. Marta Lewandowska
ph. Marta Lewandowska




COAT – Zara Studio

PANTS – Mango


SHOES – Mango



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