Hello back after extremely long break from an online world. Or I should rather say hello in spring! I know I neglected everything here, on but lack of time has definitely won by default with me this month. Anyway I’m back and promise not to leave you all for this long ever again.

When it comes to last months, my life has been turning upside down several times and I needed to focus on some other stuff than writing articles and shooting looks. No matter how much I love sitting in front of my computer and writing poems about my life here, this time I needed to let it go for a little while. I’ve been spending almost every single day in my workspace overwhelmed with work on some really exciting things and I already can’t wait for it all to happen and get real. Anyway one thing’s for certain – the next couple of months are going to be really productive ones which I couldn’t be more happy about.

I’ve always been a type of workaholic and artistic soul and that’s probably why I chose to work in a fashion industry. During my (still not very long) existence in the fashion world, I realized that there is no other trade like this one. Working in fashion has nothing in common with sitting behind your desk all day and – what’s even more important for me – it has nothing in common with routine. It requires hard work but trust me, every single minute of it is definitely worth it. Especially when you’re surrounded by creative minds which fashion industry is truly full of. Life is good, all we have to do is appreciating every single moment of it cause time really does fly, doesn’t it? And anyone won’t live your life, it’s only you who has to do it. In the best and most satisfying way possible.

And although it doesn’t seem like it’s May already I can finally feel these spring vibes in the air which doubtlessly means no more wearing tones of clothes in one outfit . Despite of all my love to coats and mixing layers I couldn’t be happier about the fact that I can just put a pair of pants and sweatshirt on and I’m all ready to go. With no superfluous scarves, hats, etc.

But regardless of the season oversized pieces are always very welcome in my wardrobe. You guys know well that I love classy and elegant clothes but sometimes I just don’t need to dress up like this. Some days are meant to be free from full make up and fabulous clothing. That’s why having this casual pink sweatshirt in my wardrobe was just a matter of time. In fact it’s my second or third try with it cause every single time when I looked at the mirror I wasn’t sure about this huge shoulders thing. But finally I matched it with some simple black and white pants to avoid looking like a walking cotton candy. It’s supposed to be eaten, not worn. I mean, come on. Everyone likes such guilty pleasures, right?









Ph. Marta Lewandowska





SHOES – Zara

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