Hello everyone! Hope some of you were still here waiting for me to come back to an online world. So I’m doing a quick check-in to update you with some informations and gotta get back to work cause the hottest period in my life has just started cause. Finals at my school – here they come! And that undeniably means a lot of work. A LOT.

I’m currently writing this article straight from my bed cause that’s the place where I’ve been spending my days lately with tones of pills and a ginger tea to warm me up a little. Yes, I got sick. Twice in 2 weeks actually. So if you think that there’s no way to have a strep throat when it’s 30 degrees outside you’re wrong. It is.

But even sickness can’t make me slow down. I still love coming back here to share with you some thoughts and pictures no matter how busy I am. I’ve even found out that taking these little breaks from posting here makes me more dedicated. It feels like sometimes you just need to miss something to appreciate it.

Since I’ve updated my latest post on Berezam some things has changed. And I’m not talking only about my hair length. Some of you probably think that people don’t change, they just get to know themselves better. For me both of these theories are truth and one entails another. In the world we currently live it’s not hard to blindly follow other people and loosing our uniqueness. I’ve always been a person who wanted to go her own path but regardless of it for the last couple of months I had a feeling that something in my life is missing. But with a new season there came a new energy. Now the only thing that’s missing in my life is free time. Before I’ve created Berezam.com I’ve never thought how time consuming could blogging be. Now I know it well and I’ll tell you guys – it ain’t easy. Sometimes coordinating my and Marta’s schedules is almost impossible to such an extent that we got literally 5 minutes for shooting one look. With no compromise.

And speaking of which, the images I am sharing with you today we’ve shot a few days ago in Warsaw. I’ve already switched on some kind of summer mood in my head so this background fits it perfectly and also matches my look. The oversize white shirt I’m wearing I’ve found in Zara lately.  I’m in love with it’s details and 80’s inspired shape. And believe me or not, it’s the very first shirt that I feel 100% comfortable in (that’s probably why I wear it non stop lately). This time I mixed it up with some khaki culottes and mules sandals that are probably one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. Et voilà! Classy version of safari inspired outfit is ready. Hope you all like it. I’ll see you soon here. Xx.











Ph. Marta Lewandowska



SHIRT – Zara

PANTS – Zara

SHOES – Wojas


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