Every single year when summer comes up everything all around feels just so good. Longer days, huge amount of sun, wavy hair… And even though it’s a new week and I need to come back to reality I feel like my mind is still in some kind of summer mode. So let’s kick this week off in the right way!

This year I decided to spend almost whole summer in the city. It always feels so good to travel somewhere and then share your holiday experience with friends but let’s be honest –  all of the airports, local restaurants, hotels, beaches, etc. are so crowded in summer. As a child I used to travel a lot and from all of our trips these summer ones seems to be the worst. So what I’ve learned was that if you want to discover local cultures, just go somewhere off season. Especially when you live in middle Europe it feels really good to avoid autumn weather and visit some tropics in October or November, isn’t it?

But even though I didn’t plan to visit any places this summer, a few days spent at the seaside was such a priceless thing. I’ve even started writing this article for you guys at the beach while listening to sound of waves in the morning. Sometimes such simple things can make our lives more beautiful. And no matter how much I love traveling and discovering other countries and local cultures, coming back at the seaside always seems a good idea and brings me sweet memories from the childhood.

When it comes to fashion summer maybe isn’t the sweetest and most exciting period of the year to experiment with it but it’s definitely the easiest one. And as much as I love playing with different styles and always push myself for being more courageous, during summer all I need is to feel comfortable in clothes I wear. And jumpsuits are definitely something – they’re a perfect mix of casual and elegance no matter if you’re going on a meeting or date. That’s why this outfit I’m sharing with you today is probably one of my favorite lately. I love white total looks and summer seems the most appropriate season for wearing them. White pieces are really easy to style with other elements. This time I went for some retro style – I tied a silky scarf around waist and put my favorite leather mules on to make this look more elegant. I hope you like these pictures we’ve shot a while ago in our beloved Hotel Bristol as much as I do. Sending you kisses straight from the airport and going back to Warsaw. I’ll see you soon here again!











Ph. Marta Lewandowska





SCARF – H&M Trend

SHOES – Mango



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