Good morning sunshines! It feels so good to be back here! It’s been a while since the latest article appeared so I decided to write down a few lines to let you know I’m alive. So I hope you’re ready to kick off this one of the last sunny summer days in the best way possible.

First of all I need to say that last month was pretty intense and busy. Same old story, I know… But I’ve been working like crazy all days (and sometimes nights) long on something really big and I just can’t wait to reveal you the results. That’s probably the most important project I’ve lead in my life so far and I promise you’ll be the first to know everything. Just be patient. But honestly it feels really good to be busy every single minute of the day and living this fast-paced life. Tight schedule means high productivity for me and that feels really good and exciting.

Next thing that took some time from my daily existence is passing a driving license. Yes, I finally decided to become a driver but I’m not really sure if it was the right (and safe for others) decision. I’m still learning how to take control over a car – for now it seems like it is taking control over me sometimes so you’d better stay home when I’m on the road. Of course, I’m exaggerating a bit right know but you guys for sure know how it is when you’re trying something new and are not 100 percent sure if what you’re doing is right. That’s how I feel at the wheel and I can only imagine my awkward face in some road situations.

In the middle of all of this daily stuff I realized that posting articles for you once a month here is definitely too rare. I want the content I’m sharing here to be as perfect as possible but on the other hand I don’t always have enough time to sit down and write long posts for you guys. So as soon as I’ll become a little less busy (or extend my day to 48 hours) I promise to start thinking about a brand new column on including some kind of ‚quick looks’ with less or no text at all. And I really hope you gonna like it.

When it comes to the title of today’s post and my look, I don’t know how it happened that some boho clothes found its place in my wardrobe. Gypsy style has never been my best friend, neither were long dresses. I always thought that maxi length is reserved for tall girls only but this dress I found in Mango a couple months ago was definitely the right pick for summer season for me. Today I decided to wear it in some nonchalant way – with mules and leather bucket bag. Hope you will enjoy it! Xx.


Processed with VSCO with a4 preset




DRESS – Mango

MULES – Zara

BAG – Zofia Chylak


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