Hello in autumn! Looks like summer has officially gone for good and it’s time to start a brand new season. Days are shorter and even though it’s sunny sometimes you can feel a touch of cold air on your skin anyway. So I hope you all are ready for fall to begin!

Actually in fashion the new season has already started. As some of you may know September is a month of fashion madness and I’m not talking only about Fashion Weeks. My planner is finally filled up with something else than meetings and work stuff. But all of the fashion shows I’ve ever been to won’t win with the Warsaw International Dance Ball we had a pleasure to attend last Saturday. This night was pure perfection. Latin dance shows (that made me realize how much I miss it), gorgeous gowns, delicious food, champagne and live jazz music made this whole event so incredible. And no matter how much I love attending fashion shows it was so good be at the event with no media and people who prefer to spend the whole evening with their noses glued to the phones. I know that we live in a digital world and want to take pictures of everything around us but in this whole social media madness don’t forget that the most beautiful memories are staying in our minds because of the people who we’re spending this time with.

The outfit I’m sharing with you isn’t probably the most appropriate for today’s weather but we’ve shot it when it was much warmer outside. Besides, you have to know that it’s never too cold for me and all of my friends think I’m insane every time I’m dressed too lightly which is basically always. Anyway I decided to share with you this colorful look today. As some of you may know I wasn’t a huge fan of printed clothes until recently. But trends are changing so is my tolerance to some of them. This kimono I found a couple weeks ago in Zara this time I decided to wear as a dress. I mixed it up with some classic mules and vintage bag. Enjoy these few shots guys and have a productive week! I’ll see you soon here!


















DRESS – Zara

MULES – Zara

BAG – Vintage

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