Hello in November everyone! Hope you are keeping warm after this cold weekend. Weather hasn’t been so kind for us lately but we all should kick this week off in the best way possible anyway!

First of all I owe you an apology for not being here for over a month. Unfortunately some private cases ruined my plans to be more regular in speaking to you here. But disappearing from here for a little while helped me focus on some really important things I’ve been working on lately. Since the very beginning of it’s always been a priority for me to be here for you, to share my thoughts, inspirations and outfit ideas. But this time I needed a huge distance from all of it. And you know what? Actually it felt really good to escape this online world for a little while. And it feels even better to come back.

Now let’s talk about fashion, shall we? Autumn is here for good so it’s time to start sharing with you some more weather-appropriate looks. These pictures I’m showing you today we’ve shot on a really windy day so woolen pieces were a MUST. I got onto some nude shades lately so this time I went for some beige cozy jumper, classic denim pants and oversized camel coat. Sometimes when fashion creativity fails such outfits are a bull’s-eye, don’t you think so?

And one last but not least thing – a few days ago Berezam has turned one year old. That made me realize how happy I am to have my online space and first of all to have all of YOU here. I couldn’t be happier and more thankful to every single one of my reader for all of support and kindness I get every day. Without you, nothing would be possible. So this celebration isn’t only for me – it’s for you and also for the whole team I’ve been working with since the very beginning of blogging. All of creative minds I’ve met so far made me realize that everything is possible. And no matter how cheesy it sounds, now I know it’s true. So thanks again to all of you for being here. Hope you’ll stay for next year or even longer! I’ll speak to you soon.


















SWEATER – &OtherStories

PANTS – Vintage

COAT – Mango

SHOES – Zara

EARRINGS – Mokobelle

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