Hello there everyone! Nice to speak to you here again. Hope your weekend was great and in the middle of this crazy week you’ll find some time to take a look at pictures I wanna share with you today.

As you may know from my Instagram this weekend I’ve spent in London with my friends. We decided to go there to give ourselves a pre-Christmas break from our daily existence in Warsaw (and do some Christmas shopping obviously). Traveling has always been a huge love of mine. Getting experience, meeting new people, discovering their style or getting to know other cultures always makes you wiser and more inspired. And speaking of fashion, for me London is a pure mix of different styles. It’s the city where experimental and a bit underground pieces carnage alongside with glamorous or vintage ones. Vintage is one of the most popular styles in here in general which makes people look so uniquely.

But London is special not only because of the people or their style. The whole vibe of this city is a pure magic. There is always something so inspirational and so astonishing around every corner waiting for you to discover. Obviously, London gets extra festive during this time of the year and that only makes it more gorgeous and marvelous. Streets decorated with Christmas lights look so magical and window shops in Selfridges or Harrods are absolutely wonderful. All of it makes me wanna stay here for a little longer but obligations call…

Today’s article I’m sharing with you straight from the airport. These few shots we’ve done yesterday while our morning stroll around Portobello Road and Nothing Hill. As you can see London has beed really kind with the weather for us but it doesn’t change the fact that the end of November is pretty cold time of the year. So here’s an outfit that I decided to pull of while in London. It’s all about denim but not without some cozy sweater, obviously. I mixed it up with some mom-fitted jeans and the jacket which is my absolute must have this season!

Okay, our check-in has just started so I’m drinking up my coffee and heading back to Warsaw. It’s time to go back to reality. I’ll see you very soon guys!







PANTS – Vintage

BAG – Mango

SHOES – Mango


JEWELRY – Mokobelle

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