Good morning everyone. Long time no see again… Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend and are ready for a new week to begin. It’s 9 a.m. here in Warsaw and I’m still at home, about to get some work done. But just before I check my mailbox, I decided to lay down a few lines here.

Okay, I kinda don’t even know where to start cause my existence looks like a rollercoaster these days. Like the craziest one to be more specific. A lot of stuff to do and a day still got only 24 hours… Good organization skills are necessary here! The only time when I can take a deep breath (and some rest btw) is in the late evenings – Netflix or some good read instead are all I need then.

Two days ago I finally got my hands on polish first issue of Vogue magazine. Couldn’t say more than that I’m beyond proud of it! It feels really good to see how polish fashion is evolving and harnesses the huge potential it has. In the past we’ve always used to get inspiration from other countries, nowadays we create our own unique aesthetics. And I really believe that polish edition of the most popular worldwide fashion magazine can open multiple doors for a lot of young designers and creative minds in general. Cause polish Vogue is not all about fashion. It’s about history, culture and art. It’s about showing polish power and being proud of who as a nation we are.

Moving to the outfit, these pictures I’m sharing with you today we’ve done last Saturday early in the morning. I was even before my first coffee that day so forgive me this grumpy face. Anyway a while ago I found out that my style started to evolve in some kind of a different way and although I’m still in a committed relationship with some classy elements I try to twine them in some other way than it used to do it even a year ago. I can see that I rarely wear high heels (boots doesn’t count haha) and instead of some silk dresses or elegant blazers I pick a woolen turtleneck plus some denim pants. Just like I did today. I also absolutely fell in love with this quilted leather biker jacket – it’s a total  m u s t  h a v e  for an upcoming season!

Okay, just finished my coffee so I’m kinda ready to kick this week off in the right way now! The last one calm before the real armageddon that is about to start next month. Couldn’t be more excited and can’t wait to reveal more! Just wait for that you guys cause the best is yet to come!





JACKET – Mango

TOP – Vintage

PANTS – Zara

BAG – Mango

JEWELRY – Mokobelle

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