Morning everyone! And happy Women’s Day to all of the girls here by the way! Hope you’re all treating yourself well today. I just wanted to make a quick check-in here after I already checked-in at the airport. Cause the first of announced adventures is about to start now!

I’m actually sharing this article straight from the plane to Spain while listening to new Russ’ album (my latest music obsession, you must check this guy!). I finally found a second (or 4 hours to be more specific) to speak to you cause the title of today’s article fully illustrates my life lately. It’s on the run all the time. Being nonstop busy became part of my life but I’d never felt more satisfied. I feel like my days are extended to 48 hours sometimes and the level of my productivity is getting closer and closer to maximum. I barely have time to respond some texts or mails sometimes. Unbelievable situation in times when we all spend most of the time in VR, isn’t it?

Being online is a part of my job and daily life but sometimes I feel really anxious and overwhelmed with it all. I’m probably getting old or something cause I started appreciating moments when I can switch my phone in the silent mode and relax with some good read or just the music. But for now all I’m dreaming about is taking some rest or a nap maybe? Need to get myself ready for an intensive weekend, yay!

Quick update: just landed in Malaga, found some coffee shop and wifi so that I could share some shots we’ve done yesterday in Warsaw. The current weather in Spain has actually a lot in common with the one you can see in the these pictures. No sun AT ALL. Anyway yesterday I decided to wear some seemingly comfy outfit cause in fact those suede boots had killed my feet at the end of the day. I mixed white jumpsuit (how smart of me, it was raining later) with some Tommy sweatshirt and a denim jacket. That’s the perfect option for some chilly and gloomy days: layers, layers and layers! Remember that and keep warm guys! I’m almost on my way to Estepona so I’ll keep you updated on my Instagram stories. See you there!


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