Buenos días from sunny Andalusia guys! Hope you all doing well and having a wonderful Sunday. I’ve just had late breakfast  and found some time to talk to you as promised. Today’s update comes straight from our terrace with a gorgeous view at the mountains. My office couldn’t be any better.

As some of you may’ve seen on my Instagram stories (I try to keep you updated with everything there) we’re staying in the private house on the Finca Cortesin Hotel grounds. It’s location is more than amazing, believe me guys. Can you imagine the view of sun rising up between mountains and sea? I could say that’s what people call morning goals.

It’s actually my 4th time in Spain but first in Andalusia and I am deeply in love with this place. Not only because of the nature and peaceful atmosphere but also people’s mentality. Everyone is really kind and polite to one another. People smile here all the time and welcome you warmly everywhere. It seems like they don’t have any problems, are happy with life they live and even more satisfied if they can help you with anything you ask them for. Their attitude and lifestyle in general differs from the one I got used to in Poland and I think that our nation’s got a lot to learn from them.

Living this spanish life feels so carefree. After only two days spent in here we fell like real locals. We have like 10 mins driving from our place to the nearest greengrocer’s where we buy fresh fruits, vegetables and other snacks. Nothing’s better than eating fresh local products especially in times when most of food you can find in stores is genetically modified. I’m not a healthy food freak of course but since I’ve became allergic to some products I started being more aware and careful of what I eat. Cause eating is the biggest pleasure of my life. For real guys, I guttle all the time. People kinda don’t believe it until they see me at noon next to the fridge doors haha. I just hope I won’t end up rolling around instead of walking someday.

Okay, let’s move to some fashion section now. Thanks to the weather here I kinda felt some holiday spirit already. This season I think I’m gonna team up with long dresses for good. Actually I wasn’t sure what to pack for this trip cause when I was leaving in Warsaw it was freezing and I kinda forgot how people dress when it’s more less 20 degrees. Anyway this yellow dress was a perfect choice. I mixed it with some slippers and retro sunnies. And that’s what I love summer for – dress, shoes and some accessories are all you need. No layers at all. At least until tomorrow cause tonight we’re leaving this gorgeous place. It was a short but intensive and inspirational trip. ¡Nos vemos pronto España!


Ph. Paula Jagodzińska




DRESS – Zara


SUNGLASSES – Cutler and Gross

JEWELRY – Mokobelle

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