Hello everybody there! Hope you’re doing well and have a moment in between your pre-Easter run to read these few words and take a look at some pictures I wanted to share with you today.

As you may know my last couple of weeks were pretty intensive but full of exciting projects at the same time. After a long weekend spent in southern Spain with Mokobelle team where I was styling the new campaign (coming really soon, can’t wait for it) I came back to Warsaw reality for a week. It was quite hard to accommodate here again especially because the weather hasn’t treated us well. One day all I’ve been in need of were dresses and slippers but here I still need to wrap myself in tones of layers to survive the cold. Can you believe that although it’s spring already it was snowing here yesterday? The weather is really crazy and unpredictable these days you guys. Anyway last weekend I’ve spent at the seaside in my beloved Tricity to take some rest, refresh my mind a bit and take a break from my daily life. This time my friends have showed me some cool local cafes and restaurants where I could endlessly overeat myself with some pasta, fish and other delicious stuff. And here I probably should make a major statement: food is THE BEST treatment ever and nothing compares to that. The only disadvantage is that you can get fat but who cares about it when the table’s all set?

And speaking of food, Easter’s just around the corner. Time to spend some time offline with our beloved ones, isn’t it? But before you log in to the real life I hope y’all take a quick look at these few shots we’ve done in a few days ago in Warsaw. It was quite cold that day but anyway I decided it’s time to let some spring spirit in. And yes, I wear pink. By the way this jacket is a MUST – I saw it on Instagram once and fell in love at the first sight. You can match it with every piece from your wardrobe, no matter what’s the occasion. I mixed it with white turtleneck, denim mom jeans and this gorgeous studded leather Mako bag (another must have for spring season if only you like small but capacious handbags). That’s all for now, hope I’ll speak to you from Warsaw yet. If not, I’ll give you some update from Paris really soon. Xx.


Ph. Marek Ulita




BLAZER – Mango



BAG – Mako

SHOES – Vintage


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