Spending a couple days out of Warsaw without having daily obligations is always a real treat. Especially when it’s spent in one of the most marvelous cities ever. Bienvenue à Paris everyone!

All I can say for now is that it feels beyond good to be back here again after a long time. Too long. The second I came here I realized how much I’ve missed this place. And I’m talking about the whole package Paris entails. Our days are good – we’re exploring the city, hanging out in some of our favorite places and having enormous amounts of local food. Every day starts with takeaway coffee & croissant and ends in another restaurant with cheese and wine on the table. What a life!

Being here with two of my closest friends makes this whole trip even more carefree. In between my daily work and a real-adult-life I sometimes forget that now is the time to have fun cause c’mon – we’re only 22! We can let each other to have a lot of moments of pure craziness (which we do quite often these days). But apart from ridiculously funny moments and gossiping over Chardonnay we have some more productive time in Paris too. We try to look for inspiration everywhere we can. And I think there are two main reasons why you come to Paris to find it – architecture and art. Speaking of the second one, apart from going to museums and exhibitions, you simply have to visit small art galleries in 7th district, near to Musée d’Orsay. All the inspirations and range of aesthetics you can find here from local artists is simply unspeakable. So if you’re hungry for art, just keep your eyes wide open while strolling around this gorgeous neighbourhood guys.

And just because a lot of you asked me to create a mini city guide, I promise to share the list of my favorite spots in Paris soon in other article. For now I’m happy to share my first look from Paris. Hope you like it. Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!


Ph. @shoujulia



DRESS – Zara


SUNNIES – Chanel



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