Hello on this sunny spring morning everyone! Just because for some of us it’s a long weekend I finally won’t be looking for more excuses and will share something new here. Cause as we all know, long weekends equal no setting early alarms plus finding some time for a very own self. And that’s why I finally decided to share the first part of my skin care routine. So here it is: my very first beauty article on

All of us know that keeping skin in a perfectly healthy condition is not easy. Especially when you’re still running out of time. But let’s be clear here, the rule with a skin care is simple: take care of it now or cry later. I’ve never been a beauty expert and also wasn’t interested in skincare products that much. I guess I also wasn’t wise enough to take care of it properly when I was younger, been using too many harsh products to fight with an acne I had and that what made my skin even more sensitive. That’s how I’ve learned that it isn’t good to experiment with the products you barely know. The other thing is that most of them consist the same ingredients and often a lot of chemicals that can ruin the natural structure of your skin. That’s why you should go for organic ones as soon as possible.

A while ago I’ve teamed up with polish skin care brand Creamy and been testing few of their products for a while. After a month I’m sharing the results and these couple of no-make-up pictures we’ve taken while in Paris. 

First and foremost all their products are 100% natural. I truly appreciate and value all organic ingredients that detoxify and prevent my skin from imperfections. So these days my routine consists of two steps: cleansing and hydrating. In the evening I apply 5-6 drops of andiroba oil, gently rub it to remove my make up, then rinse my face with water and dry it with cotton pads. First of all I love the idea of having one product that removes all make up and cleans my face at the same time. It makes my routine much faster to go through which is such a relief for an impatient type of human I am. Also I’ve always thought that for mixed skin and its oily parts (especially the T zone) using oily products is a huge mistake. But now I know that it’s all about selecting the products dedicated to your skin type. Moving forward, step two is all about hydrating which is a key to a beautiful skin. I spray the herbal distillate all over my face to make it ready for applying a night cream. 

Morning routine looks the same except the fact that I apply less of oil (2-3 drops) just to clean my face gently and remove all the toxins that got on my skin during the night. Then comes herbal distillate spray and I’m ready to apply my day cream and a light make up. I keep this routine also on the go and don’t have to pack too many products anymore. Remember guys, less is more is the one and only rule you can have when it comes to your skin care. 


Ph. @shoujulia

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