Hello again here! I’m back with some huge news that some of you probably have already seen on my Instagram. But I couldn’t be more excited to officially say I’ve launched my first own fashion brand. So everyone – meet Liberté!

I don’t know if you guys remember that a few articles back I told you I’m working on something new and really exciting for me. So the whole process was quite long and time consuming but I am beyond happy to share its results today. Some of you had asked me questions how did everything start, where the idea came from, why did I go for some embroided tees? 

I’d really want to be honest here and answer all these questions but honestly I can answer only the last one. The simple truth is I’ve always wanted to create my own brand and be my own boss. I’ve started thinking how can I manage this but had no idea where to start. I’ve done a lot of research trying to find some niche that I could fill up with my product. But what product? Long hours spent in front of my computer, sleepless nights and hectoliters of coffee were part of this journey. And also a lot of opportunities to give up on it. Then I thought: maybe it’s time to think what I’d want to wear if I was my own client. And there I was – disappointed about the quality of basic and timeless pieces I can find in stores these days I’ve decided to go for some classic, simple but also edgy t-shirts. Picking the aesthetics wasn’t hard cause since the whole idea came up to my mind I knew how I wanted everything to look like. The campaign, the models, the place…

I chose Paris to be the first shooting location cause there’s something magical about it. Spending a short part of my childhood there made me realize that although I’m not madly in love with this city, I still feel sentimental about parisian culture, architecture and lifestyle. I can even say it became kinda iconic in Europe in general. So we went to Paris not only for fun but for some serious work as well haha. 

As for me it was real fun to take pictures instead of posing in front of the camera. I am really glad my friends said yes to be a part of this project cause I wanted to show my collection of these six t-shirts on real girls, not models. And Julia & Alice just fit it perfectly. But Liberté is not only about girls – the whole collection although it was shot on females is unisex. I also wanted to make some statement especially with the ‚Love wins’ t-shirt cause I believe its about time for human love rights to get equal. I really hope you’re gonna enjoy the final effect as much as me and my team do. Xx. 



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