Christmas sweet Christmas! It’s time of the most magical time of the year when we finally can disconnect from work, catch up with our families and slow down just a little bit. We live in times when we’re in a hurry non stop. Work, career, friends… It seems like all of these things just won’t wait and we need to have them right here, right now. So when Christmas is coming there is always something special that makes people remind themselves what’s the most important in their lives and spend some precious moments with their beloved ones.

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Hello out there folks! Welcome in December! It’s been a little while since I was here last time but these last couple of days have been totally crazy for me. I mean TOTALLY. I barely had time for my very own self, all I’ve been doing was running from one meeting to another, preparing all of my work stuff, thinking about new projects (coming soon!) and much much more. But first things first. I finally found a moment to write this short article for you guys cause the atmosphere all around is so magical today. Can you imagine more amazing moment than sitting in cosy interior (which is definitely the most climatic and n’1 place to visit while you’re in Warsaw), sipping morning coffee and watching it’s snowing outside?

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Fall has always been my favourite season and every single year I’m getting super excited about it. Actually I don’t know why, considering the fact that I’m rather this ‚please take me to some warm place’ kind of person. But here in Warsaw heatwaves are officially gone for good and I’m not melting anymore. At least until the next summer. I’m not a huge fan of these gloomy days but when fall comes up I’m surprisingly full of beans almost every single day.

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There comes a moment in your life that makes you contemplate more about the future. Mine came right with the date of my 21st birthday. I’ve always been thinking about creating some space where I could connect a few of my biggest passions and share them with other people so here I am now guys! It’s been a really long long time since the whole idea came up in my mind but as I know myself too well, I knew I would probably need to mull over all for and against arguments a hundred thousand times before I even start doing something.

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